Sunday, 8 April 2012

Career week guest presenters and actvities


Film makers



RCMP officer

Good Reads display

Author Marina Endicott sharing ways in which the students could get their book published

Parent communications workshop

1S and 5O learning about film making

5A vs 50 vs 5S neck to neck scores displayed on the AR wall

Puzzles at our library

Hands on learning about portion sizes and healthy foods: nutritional literacy

Playing board games

Guest Players reading with our students

Celebration of Learning and parents drop in and read

3A class Winners of AR Team Reading - Receive free books

Expressions class

Painting ourselves and our favourite living creatures

Drumming practice

1L class Making fairy path patterns - okra printing

Conducting research

Making Rainbows

Read to puppets

Students read to other students

Learning about the food pyramid

Making leaf friends

Blow painting Grade 1S